Who I AM. and Why Read My Recipes?

I am a Mumma of 2 amazing children, now ages 4 and 7.
I am a yoga devotee and teacher.
I am dedicated to personal growth, my own and others!
I am married to a frenchman who has opened my world, and challenged all my beleifs about myself.
I am a retired competitve swimmer and triathlete. With years if body buidng, aerobics etc. in my muscle memory.
I am the forever sister of my bro'Jeff, who always mkes me feel good and laugh... unless, of course, he is pi--ing me off!
I am the daughter of a nurse/doctor couple, one being an Olympic gold medalist too.
I am dedicated to learning from "masters"of thier trade, and sharing that.
The food I serve you is the way I show you my love...

I have been cooking for years, and years. Living in The Netherlands and having kids, honed my baking skills (We'll talk aboĂșt CAKES later!) But moving to France has brought out 'my style'.. which has influences from everything French to Asian to North African to macrobiotics to raw food preparation to Indian currys to vegan to my steak-every-night-on-the-BBQ dad. But most importantly, I have come to understand the importance of the ingredients you choose, and how they work together. This came to me in earnest, in the last few months, when i made a new friend, who is a farmer! A french farmer woman. Mary Jose, thank you for sharing, and teaching me, the love of what you create. So, here we go! Most of my recipes are formed with family and friends in mind. Taste or healthfulness, I am always proud of what ends up on the plate and goes into peoples' mouths! And so will you.