Sunday, January 17, 2010

Popcorn! Sweet or Salty

Somehow, as I äge" I love popcorn more and more. NOT the buttery movie kind, although it definitely has its place in palate, and definitely NOT the plain, air-popped kind. So bland. As a rule, I look for "good fats,' other than butter, if I can. Just yesterday I found the solution to my popcorn dilema. Coconut Oil. The magical fat that is not only good for your body to ingest (brain, joints, tendons, skin) but it actually pushes the bad fats out. Yup, you heard it right.

Coconut Oil is now widely available at health food stores. Although it is an öil"it has a very high melt temperature, so will be in solid form. I use it often for sauteing and also for baking.

ALso, please look for organic (bio) non-GMO popcorn kernels. Corn is THE plant that started the path of GMOs...

Popcorn, Sweet or Salty

Prepare your popcorn as you like, I air-pop mine.
In the meantime, melt as much coconut butter as you would normally melt butter. Or, if you usually go "plain", melt about 3 tablespoons. Pour it on the popped corn as you toss it, then toss on salt or unrefined sugar (kids LOVE this one- an such a better alternative than caramel corn!).

Pull up a comfy chair and put on a movie.....


  1. Ghee is also a good substitute - it has a nice richness to it without being heavy at all. I have been using "Desi Ghee" around the house lately; it is a little more expensive but totally superior to regular ghee. "Desi" means that it is made using traditional methods and is an Indian designation for foods made using these methods. NEVER buy "vegetable ghee" which is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils and is loaded with trans fats!

  2. FYI, Ghee is still in the dairy family.