Monday, June 7, 2010

2010's Summer "Salad"

Every summer my family and I seem to choose our favorite "salad' that usually serves as a meal in itself. Last year it was the previously posted Quinoa Salad. Still my, and our friends' kids favorite, but my family is tired of quinoa. As with the Quinoa Salad this salad is also incredibly flexible. Subsitute any cooked meat or any other type of cheese you have on hand. I'll give you my first "invention" of this meal, when I had 3 kids under 4 eating it in huge spoonfuls, and asking me to give thier Mom's the recipe! (Thanks Louise, Lucas and Alexis!)

Ham, Tomato &  Green Bean Salad

4 large handfuls green beans
3-5 thick, large slices of ham, or enough to feed your group based on the size of your slices
3 medium sized tomatoes
A good sized piece of hard sheep (brebis) cheese- You can also try feta, cheddar, emmental/swiss. We try to keep to sheep and goat cheese in our house.

Bring salted water to a boil. Cut off ends of beans and cut inot small pieces (1/4inch/1 cm). Place in boiling water and cook green beans until they are to the consistency you like (we like them soft but holding thier shape well). Drain and leave to cool.
Cut ham, tomatoes and cheese into small pieces and place in big serving bowl.
Add green beans.
Drizzle a generous amouont of olive oil, don't be shy. I use around 1/3 cup.
Sprinkle with seasalt to taste.
Serve. I usually serve with bread or a tortilla or romaine salad leaves to wrap it in... Use your imagination and make sure you give the kids a spoon to shovel in thise greens beans!

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