Monday, June 7, 2010

Fill your self up. Feelin'the Love.

I have a friend who inspires me. Well, actually I have many. The one I am thinking of someone who is so often full of love, and talking about it, it is inspiring. This person is not a soft, wisp of a woman either. He is a "man's man" if one can still use that term.

Recently I was back in Massachusetts for my 25th college reunion (MHC). Where I was with 100 women who inspire me. Just before I was at my parents home, loving up my 77 yr old Dad, after his multiple hip injuries. I saw this friend, and his wife a few times, and each and every time I came away thoughtful about how I put forth myself in the world. What energy do put out there? Is it loving? Understanding? Helpful? Caring? Light or heavy? And how do I receive? With pleasure or pain? As always when I leave him I get the salutation "Feel the love."

So then I end up at my pre-reunion dinner. 25 of the MHC Goodtime Girls. And you know what? ALL of us, each an every one of we 47 yr old women-married or single, with or without kids, partnered with men or women, employed or not, social worker or business exec., were talking about the same thing. Being filled up. And I am not talking about our wine glasses, although they were full too!

We were so filled up with love and understanding, and inspired by one another that it was a powerful force that left that small college campus and went back out into the world. Now the question has arisen- how do we keep ourselves "filled up"?
We can, it is universally, emotionally and spiritually possible.

SO, what fills you up? A smile from someone you love? Giving a smile to some you love or maybe someone you really do NOT love in that moment. Hearing the wind in your newly planted bamboo? Making a new recipe? Helping someone who needs you. Suddenly realizing that you are in this moment with this person for this reason. Discovering, yet again, that YOU are in control of where you want to go and who you want to be.... no one else, no matter how important they are to you. Only from within you do you realize the peace, happiness, and fulfillment that is already there. And the best kind of inspiration, that knowing that comes from deep down that this moment is right.

You only get what you give. At reunion, and with my friend, we all gave and gave and gave... and so, we were filled up. Think about it.

MHC Goodtime Girls, this one is for you. Thank you. You lift me up and remind me how high I soar.

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